Why Duynie Feed?

A sustainable result: a better financial result for your business, combined with a positive contribution to circular agriculture. Choose Duynie Feed and all of that and more is possible!

Duynie Feed has proven to offer quality for more than 50 years and has built up a position as the market leader in co-product supply. It is not just the quality animal feed. Our advice, services and innovations also positively contribute to your result!

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Duynie has been established for more than 50 years and during that period, it has proven it delivers quality. It forms the basis for the organisation's strong growth. These days, Duynie is an international organisation with businesses all over Europe and further afield.

Our aim is to continuously improve in our business operations. New products are being developed by the Research Centre that consists of our Research department, laboratories, a pilot location and a pilot plant.

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Farming is in our DNA. Duynie is part of the Royal Cosun agricultural cooperative. This means that the farmers' interests always come first in every aspect of the organisation. A lot of Duynie's employees have an agricultural background, so we know exactly what's important to livestock farmers. Duynie Feed wants to be your partner!

This background ensures Duynie looks beyond animal feed alone. Our innovations serve to support your business operations, such as the possibility to set up a storage silo without having to make an investment. Duynie Feed will place a silo on your farm! 

A better financial result

Our products are 100% natural and contain high-quality nutrients at competitive values in comparison to other available animal feeds. Co-products enable farmers to realise a higher return over a longer period!

Apart from an attractive cost price, Duynie's certified animal feed positively contributes to the performance of your livestock, may that be milk yield, milk quality, growth, health and more.

Contribution to circular agriculture

When these crops are processed, some of the plant is used for food for human consumption, while other parts are used for nutritious animal feed. It means all the valuable nutrients from the plant are fully utilised!

When replacing traditional bought in feeds with co-products, the competition on land use for growing human food and livestock feed is dramatically reduced. One plant grown to feed both human and livestock. A hugely positively contribution to circular agriculture!


This type of animal feed is also referred to as 'co-product'. Duynie Feed is a co-product feed company, the market leader in co-products, with a wide product range and high product flexibility.

Duynie Feed's co-products enjoy a transparent product composition. The origins, the processing procedure: you are feeding your animals a transparent product. This is possible because Duynie Feed works closely with its suppliers and explains the processing procedure in detail.

Duynie's close relationships with its suppliers safeguard the careful treatment of co-products, which means we can offer you the best quality. Duynie Feed is a specialist in co-products!


Locally grown crops are the basis of the nutrients. 

Co-product production is often localised. Our efficient use of logistics allows us to offer a wide range of co-products nationally.

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